How To Use Quicken Accounting Software In The Best Way Possible?

As a Mac user, there is no accounting software more reliable and profitable then Quicken. While this financial assistance program is definitely amazing, most of its more efficient functionalities tend to be a bit out-of-sight. Meaning, there are some hidden tricks through which a user can improve upon their productivity.

Quicken Support Australia Presents To You These Hidden Tricks

Before we begin, rest assured that these ways are applicable for both the novice and veteran users. To that end, no matter your skill level, maximum output is a complete guarantee.

  • Keyboard Customization: Implementation of customized keys for the ease of access is something prevalent in every application out there. Though, when it comes to Quicken, the matter seems to be a bit complicated. There is nothing to worry though. But just a keystroke, you can alter the default shortcuts as per your liking, Just press and hold on “1” key, and choose the option you want to avail from the menu bar.
  • Unshackle The Categories: if you seek to track your transactions, Quicken’s categories are the ways to do it. While the default representation of these categories is ergonomic, the truth is that they are not ergonomic enough. Fortunately, there is a simpler way to deal with this; just remove the categories not meant for your usage. Go to List -> categories and transfers -> remove unused categories.
  • Faster Calculation: Seeking fastest and the most precise calculations without having to turn to the dashboard every time? Quickmath has got you covered. This utility gives you a simplistic yet efficient paper-tape calculator that allows you to have a quick-access for proper mathematical function.
  • Easy Maintenance Using Classification: in case you need a more personalized and customizable access to transactions, you can create custom classes. Not only these classes are easier to access, but they also allow users to categorize the tasks and attributes in a less hectic manner.
  • Constant Backups: While this attribute is not particularly hidden, this is a utility that many users tend to ignore either due to sluggishness or time constraints. Fortunately, Quicken itself understands this and to that end, automates the entire process. Although, you are allowed to modify the backup location. Just go to Quicken – Preferences -> navigate to File Backup Pane -> choose the backup location. Being Mac user, you can store these files in the iDisk as well. This exclusive storage space allows you not only to store the files, but password-protect them as well.

With these minor tricks, you can surely have more access to the intricacies of the accounting application than before. While these tricks are quite easy to implement, a proper supervision is still justified for proper implementation

If you seek more of such tricks, you can put a call to the toll-free Quicken Support Number Australia 1800-952-982. The technicians there will not only allow the users to access to more of the mentioned tips and tricks, but also assist in solving some of the application’s most glaring issues.

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